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Grouting and De-wateringGrouting and De-watering

Specialist Services


Martin Civil Construction has extensive experience in grouting techniques including the following:

  • Ground improvement & Soil Stabilisation grouting
  • Fissured Rock grouting
  • Void filling to eliminate collapses, sink holes or depressions
  • Foundation grouting
  • Tube-a-machette grouting to improve uplift resistance of bridge structures and foundations
  • Annulus grouting

Martin Civil Construction also uses Foamcrete (thermal insulating concrete) from Canterbury Foam Concrete Ltd as a suitable product for void filling or annulus grouting.


Martin Civil Construction have extensive experience in de-watering using Wellpoint de-watering systems to allow the ground water table to be lowered on construction sites to enable deep drainage, underground structures and foundation works.

At Martin Civil Construction we are regularly engaged in the design and execution of highly specialised civil engineering solutions. We have the capability to research, design and build equipment and attachments to specifically meet new requirement applications.


Martin Civil Construction has the specialty knowledge and expertise in sewage treatment plants and water reticulation systems including:

  • upgrades
  • pump installations
  • screen structures