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Retaining Walls & Anchoring


Martin Civil Construction can provide certified soil and rock anchors for a range of applications including retaining walls, uplift tie down and emergency soil stabilisation by overburden removal, pore-pressure dewatering and manta ray anchors.


Martin Civil Construction has the specialist equipment for drilling/placing anchors, as well as a range of earth anchors. They are approved South Island installers of Stingray and Manta Ray anchoring systems from Ancorloc NZ Limited

  • Stingray & Manta Ray Earth Anchors – driven tipping plate soil anchors for reaction of tensile loads. Fast and easy to install, they require no grout or excavation and are environmentally friendly.
  • Duckbill Earth Anchors – used to secure any objects that may be stolen, moved or blown down (e.g. fences, trees, sheds, playground equipment, towers, antennae etc)
  • Soil Nails – usually steel reinforcing bars inserted and grouted into place to reinforce soil slopes, excavations and retaining walls
  • Anchored pole type walls
  • Shotcrete construction – sprayed concrete used in conjunction with rock & soil anchor systems  which provides immediate reinforced ground support for underground tunnel openings, rock slope stabilisation and the protection of bridge abutments etc
  • Gabion walls – robust wire mesh rock-filled baskets used for retaining walls